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Alexis karpouzos is an Greek born philosopher, spiritual teacher and author, founder of the international center of learning, research and culture in Greece. Alexis karpouzos (Greek : Αλέξης καρπούζος) was born in Athens on April 9, 1967, after attending philosophy and social studies courses at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens Law School, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning.

He has published twelve books in Greek and six in English: 1.The self criticism of science, 2. Cosmology: philosophy and physics, 3. Universal consciousness: The bridges between science and spirituality, 4. The end of certainty, 5. The 4th dimension in art and sceince, 6. An ocean of souls. The themes of his books relate to: General Philosophy and Ontology, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Educational Philosophy, Cosmology and Physics and Social Sciences.