I add poems when I can. I just rearranged my poetry to be in alphabetical order. Come back soon to read new poetry!

AUG 3 2005..... I am adding some backgrounds to my poetry. Soon enough they will all look beautiful!! So cope with me as I add more to my site. Don't forget to tell me what you think! Thank you!! :)

AUG 6 2005... I just added "Think of Me"

Aug 18 2005... Today I added 2 new poems.. " Kindness of Your Heart" and " Butterflies" I also wanted to thank those of you who give me feedback and who sign my guest book it really does mean a lot to me!!! :)

Sep. 1 2005. . . I know it has been a while, but I have been busy. i met a really great guy whom I actually wrote the poem " Butterflies " for. I have started on two new poems for him but I am also working on finishing some unfinished poems. I just submitted a new poem today called " Suicidal Mind " I was working on that one for a while and it is now done. Come back soon to read some great new poetry!!!! :)

SEP 1 2005. . . Back so soon... well I added 3 new poems. " Moving On ", " Thank You ", and and untitled poem. Enjoy and come back soon!!! :)

SEP 4 2005. . . I try me very best to keep everyone updated and make sure I add more for my fans who come visit often. I added about 5 more poems today!!! I am so very excited and very thankful that so many people come to visit my site!! I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR READING MY POETRY AND SENDING ME FEEDBACK AND SIGNING MY GUEST BOOK!!! IT IS VERY APPRECIATED!!! :)

SEP 7 2005. . . Today I added my picture to myhome page!!! So now you can all get a visual of who I am!!:)


SEP 20 2005.... Today I added 2 poems, they are not new poem but poems that I had finished a while bacl and have not yet put on my site, they are " A Love Story" and " My Dream Come True ". Thank you so much for visiting and please come back :)

SEP 22 2005.... Hello everyone!! I am just here to tell you that you can also view my page at myspace...... Thank you so much for visiting... Come back soon!! :)

SEP 23 2005... I have entered a new poem today, it is titled " I Had to Let You Know".... It's not a new poem, just one that I hd not entered onto my page.... enjoy and have a GREAT day!! ~ ~ :)

SEP 27 2005... I am getting better at visiting more often. I have added a new poem titled " Amazing Guy " It is of course about my new and obviously AMAZING boyfriend!!! Enjoy!! And dont forget to send feedback, of even better, sign my guest book!! :)

OCT 18 2005... I Am so sorry it has been a while. I have been a busy girl. So anyways here is a new poem for my AMAZING man!! I thought it was really great! It is called Late Night Thoughts. I love it! Well I hope you all stop by again soon because I am also working on a continuince to Amazing Guy!! Cant wait!! Til next time :)

OCT 26 2005... It has been a while but I do try my best to visit often. If you go to you can see a pic of me and my man. I love it!! :) Today I have added a new poem titled A Loving Sisters Threat. I hope you all like it and reply to my poetry. Thank you all so much for visiting my site it really means the world to me. And a BIG THANX to those who leave feedback and sign my guestbook. You are all really great and I am hoping that we can become friends! Til next time all smiles :)

Nov 3 2005... Well I have just finished my long poem called Stir of Emotions. I was working on three poems and finally got that one done. Another achievement! YAY! Dont worry I willbe back with more..... Until next time enjoy life and keep smiling :)

Nov 4 2005... Back so soon!! I know huh :) I just finished a poem to my sister that I randomly wrote last night. She means the world to me and I love her very much. We have a really great bond that can't be broken. Come back soon to read more great writes.... til next time ALL SMILES!!! :)

Nov 5 2005... WOW! I am on a roll. Back in action everybody watch out!!! :) Sorry I am just excited! I have two new poems posted titled " Like My Father" and " No Longer Interested" Really great awesome writes! I wrote them both today. Dont forget to come back for more!! TILL NEXT TIME :)

Nov 9 2005... I am continuing on with Amazin Guy. I was actually working on Amazing Guy cont'd for a while because I was really busy with work. It was meant to come out within our first month together but that didn't happen. Nov 7 marked our 2nd month together and I just finished Amazing Guy cont'd last night. I hope you all enjoy it! I enjoyed writing it, like all my poetry. I have another poem coming up really soon so don't forget to stop by. Til next time..... :)

Nov 9 2005... Twice in one day. WOW!! I am doing really great!! Enjoying life and my writing and the GREAT comments I get. I am very thankful that you all comment and sign my guestbook. It really means a lot to me :) I just added the poem titled " You Don't Know ". Please read, enjoy, send me feedback and don't forget to come back for more!!! Til next time :)

Nov 11 2005... Today I have added a poem titled " Just A Picture " I hope you all like it and I hope you all will be back soon for more great readings! Til next time... ALL SMILES :)

Nov 13 2005... Today I have just added the poem titled " Don't Come to Me" It is family oriented and I really hope you all like it!! Thank you for coming and don't forget to sign my book on your way out! ALL SMILES :)

Nov 14 2005... To all of you who knew about me and my man, well we are no longer a couple. It sux. The butterflies are still there from time to time but he no longer wants to be mine. Hopefully I will find a man who will have the butterflies for me, as much as I do for him.

Nov 22... Today I added two poems titled " My Shadow " which is dedicated to my sister, and " I Will Listen " Which can be dedicated to those who just need someone to talk to. Thank you all for visiting my site and please dont forget to leave me feedback or sign my guestbook. Til next time..... Keep Smiling :)

Nov 28... Hello!! Today I added "Insomnia" and "We Weren't Even in Love" Hope you enjoy reading!! Smile!! You could brighten up someones day!

Dec 2... Hello my fans!! :) I have posted a new poem today titled " In My Own World" It is a bit depressing but I always enjoy writing new poetry! Hope you like it!! :)

Dec2... I am back in action!! I am very proud of this poem! I have just added the poem titled "To My Friends and Family". It means a lot to me and I really hope you all enjoy reading it!! Please don't forget to leave feeback or sign my book if you like! Thank you!! ALL SMILES :)

Jan17... WOW! Its been a while, I know! Sorry but i have been very busy. But i try to find time to come and visit. So I added a new poem today called " Won't Be The Same " for my ex John. Harsh break up and left me in pain but that's why i have poetry, to express my feelings. Hope you all enjoy it! Happy readings! :)

May 25... i know it has been a while, a very long while, but i am back. busy with life but cannot and will not forget about you all who read my page. Be back soon!

June 1... I told you all I'd be back. I just entered a new Poem titled "A New Start" , for my man now. He means very much to me and I know that we can work through anything as long as we are both willing to try. I like him so very much and care about him so very much. Enjoy the poem!!

June 1... I am back again, so soon! Yes well I just added another poem titled " My One and Only" written for my man of course Aaron Mason!! mmmuah!

June 17... Hello all, at least all of you who are keeping up with my poetry. Just wanted to inform you that I am adding music to my poetry, so if you don't see any new poems anytime soon dont think that i am not writing, because i am. I am just working on my page some more. I do have about 4-6 poems that i am finishing up to put on my page so come back soon!

June 26... I am so glad to be back and i am on a writing craze. oh and decorating craze, i am so glad that i have added music to my poetry, it seems to be more entertaining for my fans. Well I just finished two poems. One I have just added titled " My Masterpiece" My man helped me along with it, well, he helped me put my feelings into it. Hope you enjoy it!!

June 27... back so soon!! yep! told you all that I would be. I just added a poem titled "Don't Worry". Another for my man Aaron. He worries about me sometimes and I just need him to know that he is the only man I need in my life! love you baby!!

June 28.. for those of you who keep up with my work, you all know that i am adding music. Well I also have to go through and rearrange my poems size also. So please bare with me while I update my page, Thank you! :)

July 5... Hello all! I just added a new poem titled " I Turn To You" It means a lot to me me because the only person i can really count on right now is my man. My friend has hurt me and turned her back on me so now he holds all my trust, not that he didnt have it before, he is now the only person i can rely on. I love him!!

July 25... hi everyone! :) Just wanted you all to know that i added a new poem! It is very sad but true, it is titled "Confused" and yes it is for my boyfrien Aaron. He means so much to me but i am a bit confused on how to handle the situation....... til next time....

July 26.... Hello all. well today i added another one of my greats! A poem titled "Understand My Pain" It describes how I want to handle the situation with Aaron, but i know i could not hurt him that way. I just wish that he knew and understood my pain but he really will not understand because I did not hurt him. I love him that much to stay true.

May 8.2010... its been a while since I have written on this page lol but not since I have written poetry. I am still writing and I believe I have added 3 more recent poems to the page. I had googled myself and found that someone had used some verses from one of my poems! I think its great that people are reading and actually using my poetry. She did make sure to provide me the credit on the poem which is great && i must say " thank you! "

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