basically i am just me nothing much especially i write of things i've seen & heard simply put a man of words. * Who is this guy named Author? * These poems are like cheetos.....they leave a residue. * Some actually make sense. * If you read my poems, I apologize beforehand. I did not know what I was doing. * The author has been writing for years and has been imprisoned for it. Rightly so. He has attempted escape many times but was always caught up in a net of poetry, woven out of comedy. * If you expect something brilliant, please see other sites. * Believe me, I am as disappointed in this as you are! *There are way too many people writing poetry. Half of them should be eliminated, including this one. * Have you got time to waste? I didn't think so. Try renting a movie instead. * You don't know what you're getting into. Suggestion: Control, alt, delete. * We just started this page about an hour ago, come back when it's finished. * Read these BEFORE you eat! * These poems are just figments of my imagination. What's your excuse? * To register your complaint, see manager on 2nd floor. * Poetry poem has 100,000 poets, and you picked this one. How unlucky can you get? * Today we're having a Special on Poems, 10 for a dollar! * If you would like to contribute to the "Save A Poet" campaign, see Feedback section. * We do not descriminate, based on color, creed, or poetical persuasion.* I wear many hats, unfortunately I do not have one for a poet.
 * Please close the door on your way out.

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