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Name: Poetry Poem's Welcoming Committee

Message: The site of Poetry Poem's Welcoming Committee has information to assist you on Poetry Poem. Here are some guidelines for you: 1) To get to the Welcoming Committee's site: Please click on the RED link marked Welcoming Committee. This link is found on your Control Panel and the Last 100 Poems' Page. This would take you to the Homepage of the Welcoming Committee. 2) To the top of the Homepage of the Welcoming Committee, you will see SELECT TO READ MY POETRY. Click on the black arrow next to this and you will see a List of the information written there for you. 3) Click on any of these (one at a time) to access the information. If you need more assistance, please write to us and let us know so we would be able to assist you. To write to us: 1) Scroll right down the Homepage of the Welcoming Committee where you will see: a) CONTACT ME This is a Feedback Dialogue Box. b) PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK This is the Guestbook. Write to us using any of these above. 2) Please leave your Site Address/Site ID (the name of your site) so we could contact you. Thank you. Cisslyn Ramdeo Member of Poetry Poem's Welcoming Committee

Date Received: 2013-07-25 10:58:30

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