Torn From the Pages of My Heart

I have been writing since I was nine years old. The ambitious little me started with writing a novel at that age and it was grammatically disastrous. When I became comfortable with writing my thoughts, I then started writing poetry and fell in love with it. It had been my first love until I got busy with life. Nowadays, I rarely take a pen and write some lines. It was a lot easier when I didn't know disillusion. My father died of a kidney problem, I'm dealing with health issues myself, and the one great love I thought I finally found was not real. Friendships ended, promises broke, efforts and sacrifices were wasted in ingratitude. I thought I could change my life and I have... but it's different from how I pictured it to be as a child. Fairytales, as beautiful and enticing as their happily-ever-afters are, they do can come in another different ending - tragedy. Though, there is still a glimpse of hope in me telling me that my life has yet begun.

I try to write when I could, but with much struggle. I am no longer the wide-eyed dreamer that I used to be. All I have now is a dose of reality in my hands. All I could ever share to you is a piece of a plain, simple woman.. whenever she finds the words and the courage to write.

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