Karma Of Sarma

2011 has begun and I am blessed to be back from South Korea! Life in Charlotte is full of opportunity
love, and hope that all things are possible with faith in God. God has been good to me to give
my passions good ground to manifest in!
Some awards won are:
Poetry Gold Medal of Excellence Award
Editors Choice Award
Poet Fellow Award
Poetry Ambassador
Who's Who of Poetry
and Various poems published with:
League of American Poets
Poetry Now (International)

Silent Pain, Iris, We, and Dawn at 7
have been published and released in different collection collaborations with
Poetry.Com, J&W Publishing and League of American Poets.

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I love poetry in unlimited forms and found that I like poetry to be read to me.
It transforms into poetic personal performances - describing words with the added gift of music.
It is truly amazing and I would like to dream that we journey back into time of King David,
Aristotle, Shakespeare or Langston Hughes.
What an exciting thought!

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