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Shirley Sasek - Kittyscorner
Born July 15, 1922
Died August 11, 2014

She is without pain or suffering any longer and is with our Lord in
Heaven and reunited with our Dad and her own family members who had
passed away, her Mom, her Dad and her younger brother Carl. She had
many friends here and she loved reading the poems that other poets
have posted on their own sites here at PoetryPoem.com. Mom always
appreciated very much all of the encouragement other poets here had
given her as she had started her own site here and also she was glad
for all of their advice and the help they had gladly offered her too.
She was very happy when she received a feed back or guest book entry
at her site. I want to thank all of her friends and fellow poets here
who had prayed for her especially in this last month as she had been
suffering more from her many medical issues that she bravely faced.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior & Terryscorner (Her Second Son)