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Poet: kukukuchew


Welcome to The Mind of Me This is The Only Way I Can Speak. It's easier to complete a thought when you write it down, at least in my experience. Trying to explain feelings in rhyme comes to me naturally, most of the time. The poems that don't flow right are examples of times when I was trying to force a thought or idea. I use my soul in all that I do and my heart goes out to anyone who have trouble speaking there feelings aloud. And most of all to anyone who is or has been bullied. My poetry is random and has no particular order really. But still I hope it intrigues you enough to read on. Thanks for Checking me out and taking time for at least this read.  Love, Peace, and God Bless everyone.  heart

I felt the need to update for 2021, as this new world has just begun
Everyone's face covered in a mask, the reason behind it you must ask
I'm not one to trust easily but I do love and see the future eagerly
Our governments are not meant to rule and anyone who thinks that is a fool
Everyone has God given rights to be free, as long as morals others can see
So love thy neighbor and honor thy birth given rights
And don't ever allow them to extinguish you inner light

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