Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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Mark Sinnis is a music veteran born and raised in New York and living in Wilmington, North Carolina.
His sound is a dark blend of Rock, Country Americana  and Alternative resulting in his signature "Cemetery & Western" sound, with thought-provoking lyrics.

Sinnis, whose music spans 31 years, started his music career as the co-founder and singer/songwriter of the New York City Punk turned Gothic band Apostates. Apostates existed for 10 years from 1988 -1998 and released two full length albums and 2 singles.
In 1998 he started his band, Ninth House, and is the sole songwriter for the group.
With a distinctive voice that has been acclaimed as a hybrid of vocal greats like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, Sinnis’s music incorporates dark undertones as well as traditional Country music with a contemporary modern edge. To date Mark’s band Ninth House has four full length albums.

Mark Sinnis  began playing solo acoustic in 2008 and to date has released six full length solo albums.
Mark released his sixth full length solo album "One Red Rose Among The Dying Leaves" in October 2016.

Catch Sinnis live with one of his two bands "Mark Sinnis & 825" in both New York and North Carolina (more on the country side) and Ninth House (more on the rock side). Two bands, but the same "Cemetery & Western" songs.

All of Mark's solo albums and Ninth House releases are available through his label 9th Recordings on CD Baby and iTunes.