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Here is a email conversation with a good friend of mine he wanted more information on PINK PAY 

"Hi Doc

PINK PAY is what I said to my wife  I woke up from a dream just before 911. I was dreaming about my old shipping mates in New York.  The shipping industry would be in the world trade center.  The dream ended suddenly after some said I will put you on PINK PAY. I was in the bar down stairs with my shipping mates.  This was only a dream.  But the term PINK PAY has driven my nuts trying to work it out. I have herd of pink slips in American pay in the old days this mean you are sacked. So if you can tell me what PINK PAY is I would be glad to know?  So at the end of the day it makes a good Poem title, (to Honor)  the death of Lesley Anne Thomas who was born in East Gosford and grew up nearby at Somersby. You can find memorial stuff about her on the internet. Her mother had a strong wooden bench place at the East Gosford Gallery.  I wrote this poem just after moving to East Gosford. Somehow my real dream made sense when I sat on her bench. 

Foot note many years ago i worked in the Australian shipping industry,  i have never travelled outside Australia so to have a dream about New York was very strange.  i have no idea if Australians are working in New York in the shipping industry as what we call EX PATs.  The material that goes into a poem can very fictional combined with some facts.  The information about Lesley Anne Thomas is fact.  i would dearly love to be about to insert photographs at this point i do not have the skill necessary. "  

My poem  title REQUIEM FOR THE MASTER inspired by the painting by Artist Briton Rivie're oil painting Requiescat 1888 Link  
http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/collection/works/?artist_id=riviere-briton  - further information on artist suggest search his name - ASK will have the details. 

poem Tenterfield terrier  foot note to the name George Woolnough who was a saddler in Tenterfield, New South Wales from 1908 until his retirement in 1960. The town of Tenterfield is significant in Australian history,George Woolnough, who was immortalized by his grandson, entertainer Peter Allen, as the "Tenterfield Saddler". Mr. Woolnough owned small dogs now known as Tenterfield Terriers.