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Hello friends and fellow poets, I love to write when i am inspired. My love and passion for writing,seeking and worshipping Jesus is big. He alone has delievered,healed and shown me His mercy and love. I began writing at school and English was my best subject. But then in 2001 i began writing poetry after my brother died. I was very mad at God so my poetry was love about my brother mostly and very dark about God at certian times.

The lie that i believed God was cruel has been overcome. I adore HIm and know that He is coming back for me and the other Saints. I do not believe He is too far away to recieving us  His flock. 

He died on the cross for all humankind and rose again on the third day. 

He is my KIng .... 

I hope i can shed you some more light in my poetry 

So blessings to you i hope we can become friends 

OH Holy Spirit

Lets ride

You can click on the link below for my testimony there too, you can purchase my book from the link too.


Michelle xoxoxoxox

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