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Hello...Welcome!! My name is Linda Begley
and I am the mother of 4 grown sons,6 grandkids
Last but not least married to a wonderful man.
I was inspired to write poetry by my
guardian angel;My Mama in the beginning.
She gave me a poem that I was awaken by in my sleep and thus
my journey began to record and submit my poems.
Along my journey My Lord and Savior Became more real to me
than ever before in my life.He then started giving me poems,
and inspiration for poems.I love my Jesus and exalting him
my soul he pleases.We are all here for a purpose in life,that is
truly to love one another and in so doing we please our Savior
who died a terrible death to save our souls.Do you know Jesus?
I promise you there is no peace and joy in this universe than to have
a relationship with him.He will never leave or forsake you.Even if you
don't know him yet, he knows everything about you down to every hair on your head.There is so much pain in this world and people turn to drugs,
alcohol,relationships that are short lived, when Jesus will give you the desires of your heart if you turn your life over to him.I tell you I know that we make a mess of things ourselves and.....this is only a temporary place we dwell in, Eternity is forever with Jesus and glorious! Yes I love my Lord but I love people too and I pray today that you will except him as your Lord and Savior. There will be peace unspeakable in his Love.He has been so good to me and brought me to higher places in him where the blessings just boggle my mind but he is real!
I have also had the priviledge to be a part of
the Poets Convention in Washington D.C.
I was given an award bowl with my name engraved
along with a few more momentums.
At this time I have 3 poems published in
anthologies in my own personal library.
I am also so blessed to share my poetry with an
awesome and very popular site,click on link below
and throughout you will see poems I have shared there too.
Misty being the webmistress that tops all I have seen :-)
May all your days be blessed!! :-)
I since have been honored to inspire other
close friends and...three of my sons in sharing this
same God given talent and to enjoy the wonderful feelings that it brings when you get to display and share your work with others in the same
"Field Of Dreams" shall I say.
Prior to being given the opportunity to submit
on such an elaborate site for color and display,
I had submitted many poems on
I am so excited to place my poetry upon lovely
colored pages and to be able to design those
pages as well.

Thank-You for stopping by...put your heartprint in my guestbook
if you will.My email address is if you have a prayer request or want to know more about Jesus the Lord of my life,Now and forever more!!
May all your dreams come true..
May God truly bless you!
Lovingly In Christ;Linda Begley
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