He touched my heart

My name is Rob and I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

2011 was a year of change. I made the decision to retire as I still had ongoing health issues after heart surgery. Praise God, at last I am starting to feel well. It may be the result of spending the last couple of months in 2013 traveling around Western Australia. We really enjoyed our time traveling in 'Wild Flower' season.
Since then we have circumnavigated by road Australia and Tasmania, and zig zagged our way through central Australia as well. Also PNG, Vanuatu, Singapore and Komodo Island. Marg and I love nature photography, so travel is a pleasure.
For the past 4 years I have coordinated Church Services in our community which includes pastoral care etc.
To see photos of our travels, see http://www.travelblog.org/bloggers/margandrob/

May God bless you all.

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