263,545 poems read

I make no mistakes when I am writing, in that I say exactly what I mean to say. My writing doesn't come with a disclaimer. Creativity doesn't and shouldn't. I'm not interested in pleasing everyone all of the time. That's an implausibility. If you're not offending someone part of the time, perhaps you are not a writer or a poet.  Each of us brings their own interpretations to what they read. That is part of what makes poetry intriguing to me. Some writers write exactly what's on their minds.  Yet there's also a lot that is hidden beneath. Some references which  are archaic, personal, literary, cultural, scientific, supernatural, ethnic. I'm an irregular melange. Most of us write what/who we know- ourselves. So if you ever run out of something to write about...write about you. Its bound to be interesting. And you won't run out of material..   Recent works,are usually posted near the top of my site.. All works are dated and time-stamped when  they were first written.   About me: I've been writing poetry since I was a child. Its only within the last 23 years that its now ny priority, preoccupation and bliss. Also, over time I've  become quite adept and prolific at painting watercolors.  Examples of my work are on my facebook page under my own name Melissa A. Howells. Check them out if you'd like. Thank you for reading my "stuff."

I thought it might be relevant to mention my early love of poetry. My first volume of poems was a primer, a used older school volume of poetry
from the 1940's in hardcover called "Time For Poetry." My Mother purchased it for me. It contains the first poem I ever memorized, "Oh There Once Was
A Puffin." The next book of poetry I received, again on my 6th birthday was a copy of A.A. Milne's When We Were Very Young.