Natively 305: Liberty City's Prince of Poetry

Lamar Ingraham Official 1SP

Believe it or not, I wrote the intro for this site at the age of sixteen (Nine Years Ago)

-Introducing a Roughneck Turned Activist As the prince of seduction, the last one standing today of the Kochins, the son of a Deacon, grandchild of a Prophet, Bishop, and Choir lead, Lamar Ingraham is the quintessence of a writer. With the abilities to write in French, English, Creole, Hawaiian, and Spanish, he truly is the ideal of a recent adolescent, and now adult in poetry. He has mastered the art of seizing the attention of his audience, whether it is of children, adolescents, or adults. This website enables you to witness the mystery of a Liberty City prodigy. You shall become in favor of such works of art through the most fundamental form of communication today, language. Each stanza, line, foot, rhyme, antithesis, metaphor, simile, refrain, and hyperbole et cetera is carefully strategized for an attempt to create its own story to whom dares to peruse it. In the words of Ingraham, "Life is a Poem that Awaits the Utterance of One Who Has Struggled."


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