The soul has much to say

Blackwood Avenue...


Mrs. Luckascy needs a battery jump
She's late for work, little Kathy is
late for she really cares
Kind of cold this morning
The car starts and my fee?

A smile from the littlest angel, I know

Bill Boone flags me down, from upstairs
Time for his weekly trim, so he thinks
As always, he has a hot date
80 years and still the Casanova, my tip?

Advice about women...can't help but grin

The Delgado's jam into their mini van
Almost time for baseball, the youngest reminds me
Mr. D and I exchange pleasantries
Mrs. D, looks like she stepped out of a dream

"She has a sister," Mr. D whispers...I wonder

Al Gentry, knocks on my car window
"How about those Sixers?" he says
"They're a little young, but they'll be OK," I reply
We'll share a few beers later, game's on at 8

Always liked a beer and a ballgame

Grandma Hawkins waves to me, as I drive by
The best pies in the world, come from her hands
Better make a note, to pick up my peach cobbler
and take it home, before going to Gentry'

Grandma Hawkins kisses, remind me of my Granny's

Off to work, but I give the street a once over
Neighbors can be wonderful, but mine are exceptional
Looks like it's going to be, a beautiful day
I'm hardly Mr. Rogers, but welcome my neighborhood

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Blackwood Avenue...

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