The soul has much to say

Only the beginning...


Potent cocktail,
your sweat...a hint of rose petals
Impressive strength,
you cling to me, like the stars to Heaven

Your crown washes over, my fingertips
Your softness, yields, to my strength
Truly, I've hidden you from the world
Evidence of your existence?...the beating of my heart

Admittedly a thief,
stealing every breath, with my kiss
Your flesh, an ethereal song
I sing you,...into the night

The warmth of your feet,
caressing my own
The touch of your hand,
tearing at the fabric of my sanity

My lips are blessed,
my tongue, even more so
Tracing, the small of your back
Outlining, the border...of your Eden

Like an exquisite tempest,
I roar into your world
Your body gives,
your will...stripped, naked

Crashing through the barrier of ecstasy,
your imagination...stunned silence
I have yet, to take you there only the beginning

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Only the beginning...

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