The soul has much to say



So much time, had passed
Formative, years
My body, hardened
Hers...Utopia with curves

She last filled my vision,
when the 80's were at an end
A past life...high school
Friends, in transit

So much shared, in our youth
A seat on the bus,
desks in homeroom,
neighborhood mischief

I journeyed to college,
she married a marine
The girl, I always wondered about
...little did I know

A friendship, reborn
Unearthed, by technology
Reconnected, along the Internet highway

Shared tales of woe
Similar, appetites
Dining, on indifference
Being spoon fed, loneliness

A refreshing, revelation
Her abode, amid the Carolina hills
My home away from home,
...a stroll away

Maybe, we'll share a moment
Possibly, a drink or two
Exchange, "Did you knows"
Seize...the day

From the heart of Jersey,
to the soul of Durham
Her eyes, always endearing
Good to see you,...Wendie

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