The soul has much to say

Looking back...


An adolescent mind,
craving adult decisions
Young mistakes,
old consequences

The age of your friends,
choosing you
Birth of the inner rebel,
carrying the voice of the innocent

Days when choices,
weren't laced with cement
Regret lasted, but a moment
...a week, at the most

Today, a different world
I found that trust,
depends on me
Discretion, a better part of valor

A 25 year friendship,
trivialized over a woman
The cry of wolf,
from a bruised soul

Theft of my strength, my time
Good faith, bad judgment?
Time to set down, my ego's not about, me

He allows us to scream
The freedom to act out, ours
In the end...
He shows us the truth

Naive thinking,
becomes the mind of a servant
What's done for others,
accomplished...for Him

Future, reference
Let God, bring happiness
I've failed, miserably
...but it's never too late

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Looking back...

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