The soul has much to say



Summer of 1986
My last year of hiding,
behind the paper curtain
...known as high school

An age of discovery
Physical talents,
notions of the heart,
the rise...of yours truly

College recruiters,
pro scouts,
scholarships and financial aid
All, in good time

Channeling my focus
On Inman Park,
the camp,
the kids


Atari, Rubik's cube, MTV
Left, in my childhood
Short red hair, freckles forever
Now, my present adolescence

Arts and crafts, in the morning
Puppy love gazes, in the afternoon
Lunch can't come soon, enough
Sitting together, hearing her heart beat

Weekly, dodge ball battle  
Counselors vs. campers
I impress her, with my athleticism
She impresses me, with her smile

Summer, draws to a close
Last day of fun
Last chance to see, her
Parents corral, their children

...we're the last to leave

A momentary, embrace
Such softness, her cheek against mine
A gentle kiss, my brain freezes over
Honk of the horn, her father has arrived

Riding my ten speed, into tomorrow
A 16 year old, high school senior
Wondering, about my life
Her kiss, tells me

...there's a lot to look forward, too

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