The soul has much to say

Hi, fashion


Spring training, 1988
The heart of Miami,
baking in the soul of the sun
Another day, another ballgame I thought

Artificial, bottleneck
Humans, cars
Overheated tempers, engines
The sight, of an angel

There's a reason, for everything

Cream colored, Lamborghini
A most beautiful, ornament
Dressed in red
Clothed in flesh, of ebony

Chestnut eyes...need I say, more?

Tunnel vision, of the mind
She's oblivious, to cat calls
Disrespectful, chatter
Lewd, invitations

I'm fortunate enough, to catch her gaze

The girl on film
Apologies, to Simon Le Bon
Photo shoot, in little Havana
Totally forgot, about the game

Till this day, I can't remember...who won

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Hi, fashion

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