The soul has much to say



My hand is ready, to unleash tomorrow
Blowing, history, upon random cubes
Knowledge of the past, treasure in the future
Been hearing, for so long

Now...I'm finally, listening

We see, what we want to see
Our eyes and ears, one in the same
The truth, isn't loud and boastful
Yet, it screams under the guise...of silence

I'm asked the impossible, through a whisper
"Change, your passion" spoken
"For, I have changed, mine" revealed
Fight for it?

I'm not good, at shadow boxing

Now, it makes sense
The nights of not sleeping
Praying, till dawn
He was preparing, refreshing my heart

A rare moment
God's asking me, "What will you do?"
My reply, doesn't require much thought
"Whatever honors, You...Lord"

It's awesome, to see Jesus smile
If you saw the dawn, breaking through know what I'm talking, about
Can't imagine, what He has in store, for me

What I'd sought, was a blade of grass,
compared to His field of dreams
And that's not, a bad thing
Rear view mirror...front windshield

Which would you, rather, look through?

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