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Always thought, the Lord used me, in a way
Making friends, as a 8 yr. old
Acquiring, playmates
Setting the stage, for their introduction

My mom, the Queen of western NY
He, the King of the city, that never slept
A brother, of the father...of my best friend
Through my being rambunctious, they met

Memories of her excitement, of his pending arrival
Weekends of Jackson Browne, embracing each other his departure
Long phone conversations, planning for tomorrow

December 2nd, 1978
Winter, in its finest hour
An exchange of vows and dreams
Never thought, my climbing a tree with another

...would lead to such a day, of wonder

My total recall, an over spill of smiles
Food and dance, at the County Seat
The Catskills, never tasted, such a moment
Flash forward, to present day

...their song, was never played

She, who lovingly, suffers through
my attempts at being a poet
Requested, from me, a poem
...and their song

So, here's to my Ma and Pop
He found the angel, of his lifetime
She found the goodness of God, in his eyes
I pray the Lord, will bless me, in such a way

To my parents


*Ephesians 6:2 - "Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)"

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