The soul has much to say

My world


A glorious, sight
Watching the sky, falling
Aka...the dusk, making its grand entrance
The suns' last act, of the evening?

Resembling, a beautiful bride

Its train of light, a veil...upon the oceans' heart

Set your mind, free
Witness, a staircase
Each step, a star, leading to Heaven's doorway
An ascension, I look forward day

The curiosity, of a child
Longing to see this image, my own way
Standing, on my hands
Behold, a different world

The air and sea, change places
Birds swimming, fish flying
Stubborn horizon, remaining motionless
Such wonder, dulls the pain, in my arms

Abstract, comedy
Planes sailing, ships soaring
I tumble, from laughter
So harmonious, Gods' craftsmanship

Celestial plains
The perfect blend of three worlds

...sharing, the same heart

The dizziness, wears off
A more, mature focus
She walks, towards me
A vision, of completion

All the elements, function as one
Her stroll, blends nature with fantasy
She's so,, naive
Having no idea, how she feeds my eyes

I'm humbled, when looking at her
Clutching my heart, a persistent ache
Willfully, embracing the pain
"So beautiful, it hurts"

Never, were truer words...spoken

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My world

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