The soul has much to say

Self Portrait...unfinished


Odd recollections

Biting the inside, of my mouth
Seeing red, in its purest form, my own blood
Hot tears, the day Trixie died
My insides on fire, the night my father...did the same

Eating blades of grass, from the Appalachian floor
Beating the fastest kid, in my Buster browns
Uncle Wesley's baseball glove, my first love
Clocking 91 mph, on the radar gun

Great Grandma Logan's, prophetic dream
The hate in my soul, watching mom cry
Catching Sun fish, under the Rt. 80 overpass
Babysitting, a Prey Mantis, till sunset

Staring at the Daystar, looking for God
Reading His word, asking Him into my heart
My adoration, for cinema
Love werewolf flicks, not so much, vampire

Baseball heroes, who I never saw play
Being told, I was born 20 years too late
A child of the 80's, a man of the 60's
Nothing's original, anymore

First kiss, total surprise
Wonder where Tara, is now?
Didn't know, the strongest part of me
...was beating, on the inside

Tolerating, higher education
So, I could pursue, my true passion
Diploma, on my wall
Successfully, regurgitating, academic gumbo

The birth of my brothers, my sister
Every niece, each nephew
Their my pride and joy
I'm without son, or daughter

First beer, last beer
Just as cold, just as meaningless
Spending so much time, looking above
I was overlooking, an angel, below

Grandpa Bussey's, wisdom
Pastor Miller's, advice
Coach Gallagher's, sayings
God, whispering, through them all

Random, thoughts
Myriad of emotions
My true friends, get the last line
I pray for them, daily

Laughing, at the past several years
Awed, reverence at His plan...for tomorrow
The sun, burns up the morning dew
My Lord, does so, to memories of recent vintage

For it's time, to make new ones

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Self Portrait...unfinished

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