The soul has much to say

Finally...I can breathe


Words of my elders
Her love is true, when she looks at you
And your soul weeps, tears of peace
Refreshing rain, to your spirit

Counsel of the godly
Her heart is true, when she speaks to you
And you eat her words, like honey
Satisfying, an ancient hunger

Advice of a friend
Her dreams are pure, when sleeping beside you
And your pale nightmares, are purged
Cleansing, your rest, of aged clutter

Whispers of an undercover angel
Your life is blessed, when she draws you near
And the chains of yesterday, are undone
Freedom, is truly found, in her kiss

Never met anyone, like her
Heavenly blinders, protect my eyes
The past, grows bitter
Tomorrow...ever, sweeter

To breathe, her in
Natural high, sweet addiction
My faith, once bruised

Darkness, before light
Calm, after the storm
She's authentic, an American beauty
Worthy of my most, precious gift matter, of trust

A myriad of roses, for my today
Past horrors, now feed, hellfire
I love her
More, importantly

...I believe, in her

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Finally...I can breathe

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