The soul has much to say

Half light...

Void of any sound
Except for my beating heart
the flicker of candlelight
Sensuous flame, dancing to my rhythm

For every memory
a smile
For every possibility
a look towards Heaven

The rebel inside of me
Visions of her
walking that walk
My eyes, insatiable

Darkness crowds the light
The voice of a cricket
It's official
Spring is here

It's been decreed
When the heart breaks
it breaks uneven
...does it mend, the same?

Gods' answer
The brilliance of her face
Sweet, splendor
That of her presence

Sanctuary of my soul
Filled with tender echoes
Faint whispers, by day
Tones of love, by night

The candle is fading
Tomorrow, yet, to be written
Praise Him, for the day
My nocturnal request?

...for her to say, my name

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Half light...

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