The soul has much to say



Liberated hands
To catch the words, falling
...from your soft lips

Cupping them, together
as I drink of your tears
A hint of apple wine

Reaching up and stealing
from the sun
So, I can feed you...a slice of heaven

When you speak of your dreams
whisper with belief
Stay with me...they'll come true

The more I know you
the more I discover myself
This Age of bright

Feasting, upon you
Like tasting chocolate, the first time
...every time

Diamond portrait or crystal snapshot?
Your hair, flowing over my chest
Rivers of silk...upon sculpted flesh

I don't want to be, the flame
Just the heart, of the day star
Keeping your love, warm...always

Your passions, coral blue whims
Intrinsic jewels, worn around the neck
...of my being

The perfect kiss, we share
No need, to come up for air our moment

Beach front castle, covered in red ivy
Sharing fruit, sipping liquid ambrosia
Making love, until every grain of sand

...has been numbered

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