The soul has much to say

Redemption in the Valley...


The earth moves
beneath our feet
Walking through Gods' opus
Pretty tomboy as my guide
Our journey much
like our yesterday
A path made of stone, dirt

...emblems of regret
Until we arrive
A grassy oasis
cools our soles
Mental note...she's smiling at me
Been avoiding a mystery
Finally saying yes, to the girl
with Cleopatra eyes
What took me so long?
A battle of wills
Who'll utter the first word?
Genesis of a ripple
in the ocean...of us
I don't mind losing
My words stumble
Feeling clumsy before her

my beautiful anxiety
A light mist blesses us
Watching pristine droplets
canvass her body be rain
Reaching our destination
Taking her by the hand
Daring to dream
So glad to be in this moment with her
The purpose of the day unveiled
She whispers in her native tongue
"Chevalier de mon coeur"
"Knight of my heart" in the old world
Paladin of her soul
An incredible invitation
Yet...the shroud of caution
I've tread these tender cobblestones before
A simple request
for time and chance
She greets my plea
with a comforting smile
The light of transition
from dawn to dusk
illuminates her delicate face
Such a rare frame

That face
Perhaps she's the lady...of my lake
God is good, all the time

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Redemption in the Valley...

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