The soul has much to say

Unusual Tales: Night light...

It began
with foreplay
Soon a plea
for simplicity
Sometimes we don't ask for...much
"Keep the light on
Don't ask me why
Just let it be
I want to see
Please keep
the light on
It's not the dark I fear
but what lies within
Do it for me
I don't care
about ambiance
I love you
that should be enough
Don't turn them off
It will change
We'll never
be the same
I'm begging you"...she whispers
Passion takes over
Hours pass by
Sleep overtakes them
Old habits die hard
"Can't sleep
The light's keeping
me awake"
he mutters to himself

Darkness falls
Unholy sounds
Flesh being torn
Bones snapping
Teeth gnashing
Soft weeping
in the night
Halted breathing
Cries of "No, no"
Two souls filled this room
Now...only one remains
He's gone with one exception
A small piece of entrail
...a wet slurping sound

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Unusual Tales: Night light...

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