The soul has much to say

The Masters' Hand...

Wandering without purpose
Feeding off dry
barren lands
Thinking that was all
I was allotted
The moisture of love
Always imagined
its taste
The Sahara be paradise
compared to my soul
Until He lifted my head
These eyes of longing
fixed upon my High Priest
Asking for a sip
He poured out...a drop of Heaven
Closing my eyes
Overcome by the
age of refreshing  
The arid savor of yesterday
has been washed away
A single drop
breaking off into
rivers of mercy
While others
have mocked
the worst of me
He has seen

the best of me

It's not what
people think
but what God

that truly matters

To the world
she's a mystery
To my fertile heart


My lady, my girl
All I ask of her
is to save my life
one day at a time

For it's all I can handle

My Lord is
taking me higher
In my spirit
In my calling

Excuse me...while I kiss the sky

I'm lost in dreams
Moments yet to come
An untapped resource

in my Masters' hand

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The Masters` Hand...

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