The soul has much to say

Class of 1987...Reunion unrehearsed


Teen spirit

Moving through
the crowd

Familiar faces
Old feelings

Sipping a glass
of Kendall Jackson

A voice from
the past

yet new
to me

"You're taller
then I remember"

Her name
is Debbie

To me she has
another alias


Nancy Wilson
circa 1977

6th period
Her home…

the library
media section

I should know
for my abode

was all but
60 feet away

Our senior
year spent

25 years later

Hours of
"I never knew"
Stepping out onto
George Street

Coffee at
Old Man Rafferty's

Sitting on the
ballroom floor

watching the
sun rise

She likes
the feel

of the
cool carpet

beneath her
bare feet

Her head rests
on my shoulder

Time to go our
separate ways

"Just one more minute"
she whispers

25 years

…it was worth the wait

Janet Jackson Lets Wait Awhile

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Class of 1987...Reunion unrehearsed

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