The soul has much to say

Snowmageddon...the battle of Clementon Road


Caught off guard
Aerial assault
in late October

The crew on
Clementon road
ambushed me

Now it's
Round two
Mid January

Payback time
for the old man
Well...not that old

Tracks leading
to my doorway
They're waiting for me

Little do they know
I'm hiding in my car
Armed and ready

Quietly creeping
up behind them
I almost feel bad


Dr. Evil laughter
Issuing a warning shot
A snowball off my door

The sound is like
cannon fire on impact
Still got the arm

A reminder of the past

Terror overcomes
my young adversaries
scrambling for shelter

My neighbors  
cheer me on
from their windows

"Let them have it" they shout

Regrouping at a distance
"He can't hit us from here"
is their mantra

Aiming at the
biggest kid
Throwing a high hard one

Nailing him like
he had a bulls eye
on his chest

Shock and awe
Waving the white flag
Attention span ceases

"Have a good day Mr. Bussey"
is heard in the wind
Future mischief to explore

A round of applause
from my neighbors
Mr. Travis asks shyly

"Did you play ball?"

"You can say that" my reply
Accomplished with
a straight face

...and a wink

Booker T The MGs Green Onions

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Snowmageddon...the battle of Clementon Road

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