The soul has much to say

Ladies and gentlemen...welcome (from the Recycled Collection)


Cotton candy smile
Gumdrop tears

Greatest living show
of my worth

Crowd pleaser
Dream weaver

All in the name
of elation

Loves of the past
mirror each other

Wanting to stay
Always on the move

My life...aka
the Big top

Sunny on
the outside

Steady downpour


Giving my all
when nothing's left

par excellence

Eternal frown?

Standing on my head
There's that grin

More scars
upon my heart

than clowns
in a car

High wire
Low wire

Try walking
without either

The impact
hurts the same

My head resting
in a lions' mouth

Looking for

inside the king
of the jungle

Last act
of the night

A moment
of silence

her laugh

Still feeling
the fullness

...of her soul

My road paved
with such dreams

Being fired
from a cannon

Time for me
to fly


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Ladies and gentlemen...welcome (from the Recycled Collection)

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