The soul has much to say

Season of imagination...


The truths
of July

Mrs. Scuderi's
homemade peach gelato

Enough said

Mr. Browne's
annual summer bash

Lots of food
Good music

Laughter to be heard
deep into the evening

Angela stops by
to tell me how her day went

As always she removes
from my shirt

a piece of lint
that isn't there

Nervous energy I guess

Danny runs over to thank me
for my help

He made the all-star team
All the credit goes to him

That kid loves baseball
so much

The Casey sisters run
through the sprinkler

Over and over
and over again

I'm reminded of my youth

Walking through
my backyard

I make sure
I'm alone

Time to chase

Catching them
then watching

as they light up the world
that is my palm

I'm reliving my youth

Time for
a cold one

Kicking back
in my chair

Watching an ant crawl
along the banister

My new neighbor opens
her sliding door

She reminds me
of Natalie Wood

Must be 80's night
at her place

I can hear
the incomparable Martha Davis

sing "Only the Lonely"

Wearing that
sweet perfume

Summer whispers
and the scent of a woman

Perfect together

I try not
to stare

She does
the same

Her date
never showed

She's cleaning her grill
so slowly

Making my way inside
she catches me by suprise

"Would you care for some dinner?
I have plenty here"

I pause for a moment
Neon light bulb goes off

"Only if we share
some gelato for dessert?" I reply

Thank you, Mrs.

She smiles a smile
that would engulf the sun

Leftover firecrackers
explode into the night

Great meal
Soft company

Summer is the season
of the imagination

Now is the time
to set mine free

Seals Crofts Summer Breeze Album Version

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Season of imagination...

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