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A Fluid State of Mind

I remember the first time I saw your smile.
I remember my heart wanted to jump a mile.
Oh that little grin,  that crawled under my skin.
I did not know why,  I just knew I could fly.

Come on take my hand 
Feel my love grow for you each day
I don't care what they say
Feel life just melt away
Come and dance in the sand.
Oh you make me smile 
Oh you make me wild
You turn my head all around .
Make the world all abound.
I just lose my mind and go to a fluid state of mind.

The first time I dared to kiss your cheek.
Lips brushing against silk that made me weak.
Watching the curve of your face gently fall.
Down to the nape of your neck and silently call.

Ragingheart 09052012

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A Fluid State of Mind