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written by Stella C.Mitchell .

4th June 2022.


Seventy years on from that 
Great day - when - in Majesty - and Glorious
Array - a girl walked on the path of Royalty - towards 
An awesome throne - where - in undivided duty - she exchanged 
Her title - from a Princess - to Anointed Queen - a  path to her -  as yet
Unwalked - unknown - but the climax of her young life taught - but  -
Not  as  yet  foreseen  -  until  another  had  stepped  down - to
Abdicate the throne - and kingly crown - for love - 'twas said 
But for that act - this maiden fair - would not have worn
That crown - upon her head - a  change that 
Meant - she was in line to take the 
Oath - of Sovereign  rule - 
In God's appointed 
Time .

And so it was - the time had 
Come - when - her life changed - and Church 
Bells rang - first - for the loss - of one beloved man
The king - from whence - this precious girl had come 
And now - at this most solemn time - her destiny 
Would thus begin - where servanthood and 
Majesty - entwined - to become the
Hallmark - of her unequalled
Glorious reign.

And - to that end - she gave 
Her all - both to her God - and subjects 
When she responded from her heart - to that
Great Call - and vowed to serve - with deep humility
And love - and strength  and dignity - and faith in God above
Who had entrusted such a weight of Glory - on so young
A head - but - we  can say  - of  our  dear Queen - 
However led - through every twist and turn - of 
Days of darkness - and of greatest joy - she
Has remained - true to her word - a 
Constant in uncertainty - a
Steady rock - and 
Through it all -
Serene . 

And so it is - in wars and 
Conflicts - and in times of plenty -
And at rest - we all can say - of our most 
Sovereign Queen - she was - and is - the very best
And on this Seventieth year of her long reign - we honour
Her - for all she is - and all she's done - and say -
We   thank you Ma'am - and - we also thank 
The One - who  chose for her to rule and
Reign -  and -  through it  all - above
The duty - servanthood - and call
You have been faithful - to the
KING of kings - and 
LORD of all .

And - He has answered 
Every prayer - as said or sung 
That we  have offered  up to Him - which 
From our hearts - o'er  many  years
Have  - and -  will still be to
Come - to say ...

God Save Our Gracious Queen .

And now - we pray her days on
Earth will be of truest joy - until the 
Time will come - when she will close her
Eyes in this domain - and enter 
Heaven's Courts above -
Where she will hear 
These words 
Of love ..

Well done ..

My faithful Servant ..

Welcome Home ...


This is my  tribute  to .. HRM .. Elizabeth ER ..Queen
of the United Kingdom .. and for all who love her
around the world .. on the commemoration of
her 70 years reign ..

and also  .. to thank God for blessing us
with such an amazing woman .. Our 
Nation has truly been blessed as a
result of her being our Queen .

God bless you all 


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