Poetic Feelings

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In the weeks and months after Daddy died,
We never dreamed Mama'd be a new bride;
To our great shock, she married once more,
All of our hearts were ripped to the core;

We felt she'd betrayed us and Daddy, too,
The love we'd always felt no longer seemed true;
No matter what we did, he wouldn't go away,
That she wanted him was clearer every day;

Disrespect for him, Mama strictly forbade,
Our animosity gradually began to fade;
After Daddy's death, her pain was sad to see,
Now her face was relaxed, at ease and free;

We love our dad, his memory will never die,
But our mother's happiness we cannot deny;
We finally accepted her man with no more fuss,
Each one of us is glad he's become one of us.

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Mama`s New Man