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My name is Sharon Wiley-Wilson. I recently looked in the mirror and noticed something that took me by surprise--I've gotten old. I was born in W.Va. in 1948 where I lived until I was 12 years old. My five siblings and I lived in Detroit with my maternal grandmother and one of my mother's sisters while our parents established a new home for us in New York. The boys and I attended school in Detroit for about a year and our little sister was cared for by my aunt and grandmother. None of us was very happy during that period of our lives. If there was ever a more ecstatic bunch of kids than we were the day our father came to collect us, I'd really like to see them. We lived in Queens briefly, but made our home in Brooklyn where I spent the majority of my teen years. Our family moved again when I was 18. This time we settled in Cleveland where I worked, got married and bore and raised two children. In my early 40s I returned to W.Va. for a short period of time to care for my paternal grandmother who'd become paralyzed from a stroke. Alabama became home to me in 1990 and I lived there for about 25 years. I am now back on the shores of Lake Erie, living in Euclid, Ohio not far at all from Cleveland. I believe it was the warmth and beauty of "Alabama the Beautiful" that inspired me to start writing poetry. I wrote my first poem in 2003 and have been writing ever since. My poetry is still spontaneous because I write whenever I get the urge although you might find that I will be writing more and more about the aches and pains of a deteriorating skeletal system these days. I enjoy having visitors evaluate my work and learned years ago to deal with even the harshest of criticism. I honestly believe it has helped me to improve in my writing. I'd like your personal opinion on any of the poems you read here. Just click on the "Poetry" link or for an alphabetical listing go the "Poetry List" at the bottom of the page. Don't forget--send honest feedback and please sign my guestbook when you're all done.


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