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All I Need

I had a dream of holding you.  
An unexpected thrill beyond compare.
You came and held me putting my fears aside, gently caressing the doubt away.
You came to me placed yourself in my arms looked deeply into my eyes.
With anticipation you lifted your face up to mine ready for the initial touch of lips.
A fool left to wonder why they withheld a kiss meant to entice and capture the soul in an endless net of time.
The warmth of your embrace is all that I have to remember that fleeting moment in time.
The smell of your hair,the curve of your face.
A dream replayed in waking hours a thousand times firing a desire and want that aches to the middle of one's being.
Caught between the dark and dawn where dreams live.
Can you sense these stories of passion and dream them with me.  
Do I send them to you or  are they sent to me from you?
My mind wonders to you every second of my life.
I can not escape the torment, forever caught in this catch-22 where I can not even let you know of the love that plays of my mind.
I do not know much longer I can maintain this lovers silence.
To lose you or see you run away in fear would be a punishment that my soul would not live through.
So silent I must be  enraptured by the desire and lost in the web dreams.

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All I Need