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I have a cherished treasure, name of Daneen,
A very nice girl, best you've ever seen;
In case of emergency or a depressed sigh,
Daneen will be there in the blink of an eye;

She can seem aloof, but has a heart of gold,
Holds in pain, but when mad she'll scold;
Slow to make friends, when she does it's real,
Can always trust her, she cares how you feel;

When she's sad, it really breaks my heart,
But since I want nothing to keep us apart
I try to stay cool and never pry,
Control myself 'cause she'll leave if I cry;

Learned long ago not to push or press her,
She'll soon open up, even let me caress her;
Daneen and I honor and respect one another,
Our emotions run deep, daughter and mother;

A special order with details to the letter,
Could never have found me anyone better;
Wouldn't be a millionaire or royal queen,
If it meant not having my precious Daneen.

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My Precious Daneen