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Sept 2013
It feels like a momentous moment, like the end of an era, the poetrypoems forums are no more.  It had been a dying forum for years, barely hanging on, poems lingering from the glory days, reminding us of beloved friends who once called it home.  I visited those hallowed halls from time to time, like a ghost still drawn to an important place, but the stench of death was upon the forums.   Should we hold a moment of silence, or feel relieved that the forums can finally rest in peace?   Dear poetrypoems friends, if you are still looking for a forum where you can enjoy the companionship of other poets and receive feedback on your poems then you are welcome at 

July 2012
I got my copy of our charity book Comforting the Broken Heart and it looks terrific.  So many good poems from so many wonderful poets.  Thanks to everyone who contributed or who bought copies.  The money goes to charity!

I'm currently working on my next project -- a free Kindle book of 20-25 poems all related somehow to butterflies.  I've only started writing the poems so it will be a while.  Watch for it on!

June 2012
Once again, only got two honorable mentions at the Austin Poetry Society annual contests, but there are some very good poets, so I am lucky to have received that much recognition :)  Also, a bit over a year after we started, We have finished our compilation of poetry for charity at Rhymingplace.  The book is titled Comforting the Broken Heart and compiled by Marvin H Lane.  At under US$ 9.00 for 222 pages it's a great deal and all proceeds are to be donated to help fight cancer.  It includes poems by Marvin Lane, Jill Curry, Geraldine Doherty Mc Mullan, Edie Talley, Leah Dancel, Christy McConnell, George Fillingham, Candace Salvo, Jayskumar, Michelle Riddle, John W Flournoy, Jody Dickey, Shenni bubb, Jeanmarie Coulter, MD LeDoux, Ai Crimson and David E Harding.  It should be an excellent read and a chance to help a charity.  
Here's a link!

May 28, 2011
Participating in a Poems for Charity project at rhymingplace with Marvin H Lane and other fine poets. It is a compilation of poems with all proceeds from the book going to charity. Kudos to Marvin for organizing this.

May 21, 2011
I entered a couple of poems in the Austin Poetry Society annual contests. From nearly 500 poems entered, two of mine got honorable mention. There were some very good poems entered and I'm pleased to have received some recognition for two of my poems.

May 1, 2011
My book Across the Miles and Years is now available in Kindle format from Amazon for only $6.95

April 4, 2011
Hi Poetrypoems, I'm back.

September 10, 2010
My first book was published and is available at Amazon, BN, or
by special order at your local bookstore.

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