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Name: yirrpa
Country: oz
Homepage: bora born

Message: Hello melissa, Just saw your posts my end so dropped in to wish you the best of the yuletide season. You mentioned Celtic ancestry ... no way same here on both sides although am 6th gen Oz. As children we grew up in a village called Blackstone a coal mining community full of Welsh miners. Australia had only two Welsh Churches in the 1950's and we had one of them. Women on the left men on the right, so as a small lad the miners would take you down to the front pew at evensong where you stood knee high to these mountains of men with the full voices of the Welsh to raise the roof and the kundalini up and down your spine. The power of the human voice in full song surely has deeper roots am sure like the names as you say john/ian james being Hebrew in origin. John/ian _ gift of God .... James _ to usurp .... and Daniel _God is my judge. Brings some coherence translates to the process gift of God usurps God is my judge. Six deg's of separation we're all one big human family they say ... perhaps the internet enables us all to appreciate how close we always were to friendships just waiting to be birthed. Have and always will value yours Melissa .... eggnog and ginge ... sounds delicious though never tasted such treats ... will have to track them down at perrotas in Cairns to raise my cup to yours. Merry Christmas Melissa ... ian

Date Received: 2018-12-25 10:35:10