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Name: Christy Mahon
Country: Euroland

Message: Meeloo, New and still finding my way around PoetryPoem. Just found what you wrote into my guest book several days ago. Thank you for the reads and kind words. Much appreciated. You made mention of my gender neutral name Christy. It is a pen name. If you google Christy Mahon you should learn that Christy is the primary character in John Millington Synge's stage play "Playboy of the Western World". That I think makes it clear I was born with masculine dystrophy and not a lady using a male name. Just so's you know. I'll be posting more pieces and hope to get more of your impressions. Please don't hesitate to rip into anything of mine you think deserves it, and of course please praise me when appropriate. In time I'll be sifting through your works further and looking for your latest as well. Not sure if I'm able to "follow" you at this website the way others offer. Actually, I invite you to Christy Mahon at where my and others postings enjoy the ability to not only add photos, but complementary music as well. Word with you later.

Date Received: 2020-10-08 15:00:25