Pam Barletta

The poetry I write is not always "uplifting" in the sense that I am awed by the site of a beautiful waterfall (though I am). Or, that I become sentimental over an old valentine I may come across and reflect upon (though I have), and while these happenings may embrace or move me, they are not always necessarily what calls my pen to paper.

Rather, most of my writing tends to move through the universal inner-workings of the life forces as I have come to know them. I walk along the sands of thought and find that one grain may lead me to some necessary Process of self-discovery. I emphasize Process because it is neither the beginning nor the end which leads us to our own awakenings; our own understandings of who we really are, and what we truly need for and/or from ourselves in order to become whole.

It is through the mediums of poetry and prose (short stories, vignettes, etc.) by which I am compelled to share some of my own journeys and personal processes; the bulk of which is intended for those who are also seeking inner sanctum and are willing to confront their own hidden truths, and for those who sincerely want to rid themselves of "dis-ease" and are ready to do battle with the mightiest of foes, Mankind's arch enemy, FEAR!

Fear is the greatest destructive force which exists for the healing of mind, body and spirit! It tries its best to snake its way through the un-patched holes of mans pain, anguish, "dis-ease," self-sabotage, self-pity and whatever manifestations of weaknesses with which man has betrayed himself by inviting suffering rather than healing into his life.

My anthology doesn't try to be anything that it is not! It is safely rated "G" because I am a "G" person. However, it is likely that you will see me doing much battle with fear from many different vantage points throughout my poetry, including Love.

It is here that I would have you find pieces of yourself, for we are all brothers and sisters of the Spirit.

It is here that I offer each soul to find something of value, and, if nothing else, my Unconditional Love! For LOVE is the one seed in Life that begets eternal blossoms!

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