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We Are The Lighthouse



We are like a Lighthouse...
our power switch always stays on,
no thunder nor lightning...
no form of a storm
shall ever bring us down.

We vision all heights of waves...
for when the night falls,
ti's the beams of starlight
that give us a power
shining ever so bright.

We can see the sea shells
before the sun rises,
as they sway on the sands,
leaving forms of our footsteps
to guide and lend us a hand.

You are the sea shell
I hold so dear;
A lighthouse sent you to me,
to light up our lives
and stay ever so near.

Yana "Janie" Petkov
18th June 2013

Dedicated to my Chatty Girl,
whom I love dearly like a sister,
and also babbles as I yap along ;o)
mushy mush ;o)