Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan

Poetry has been a by product of wanting to be a novelist, dream slowly fading. But in the waiting period for word on my novel I wrote poetry. My first book "Womb of the Same Mother." Published but never promoted on this site. Not one of those poetry things you buy the book. My first book signing is being arranged. Still working on getting my novel published. I was taking a college course in creative writing. I thought of poetry as being boring. The instructor stood in front of the class on first day and said, "Now I will talk about poetry. I see some of you are already sleeping. I knew one student,me, whose reason to be in college was to play basketball, had been caught. She continued,"I will give you an out." I was listening, "Anyone who can send a poem to Writer's magazine poetry and have a poem printed can get an automatic "A", Not have to take the poetry section of this class. Poetry is a three weeks part of this class." I hated poetry, but I needed the grade, and in the years I am not sure which poem I first wrote and sent in. It wasn't one of the five selected. On page 32 my name was mentioned as honorable mention. When the issue came out she announced to the class that even though no one was selected I would not have to take poetry being an honorable mention selection.

How soon we become vain. I thought my poem better than at least two selected. One being a series of pretty words beginning with the letter "A". On my next assignment in jest I wrote, Paul's,Porsche pushed passed parading peeing pigeons." The instructor answered, "You can since you are not assigned to poetry write a detective novel. There should be a protagonist, a person of interest and a Private eye. I said Paul,protagonist Payne and a Priest. I hope in the future to say my novel has been published. In the meantime I have come to appreciate poetry. My Poem, "Let no Man be Denied", has been published in four books of Poetry. In Memoriam to Staci in two. Started in Vanity poetry but was asked for permission the second time. Night of the Cross is with a Agent awaiting word and Doubleday books.

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