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" I could inform the dullest author how he might write an interesting book-let him relate the events of his own life with
honesty, not disguising the feelings that accompanied them"
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Well, I guess you could call me the 'been-there-done-that'girl.I've endured many hardships in my life and made a lot of mistakes along the way.
I've battled addiction, as well as depression, and many other negative endeavors, which is where my writing is derived from. My writing is all dealing with my personal experiences...solely non-fiction.
I recently published a personal and somewhat unrefined, poetic memoir, written at the time that I hit rock bottom, touching on these subjects. Check it out if you are interested, and thanx for the support!
"From angst-ridden poetess to Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl,
this lovely confection
from way down east has taken over the town!
A fish out of water story if there ever was one,
Deanna Prall, hailing originally from
the wilds of eastern Canada,
determined at the age of 22 years of age
to shake Toronto the Good (Land of the Stiffs)
by her sheer 'blonde ambition'.
Going from a total unknown, new-girl-in-town
with barely the clothes on her back as her sole possessions, and with only a couple of dollars in her pocket,
Deanna Prall got herself noticed by local media and
became a Toronto Sun Sunshine in Nov 2007!
She has grabbed the insular, sometimes hermetically sealed
arts community here by their sturm und drang
and in so doing has captured and earned the respect
of not only myself, but other Toronto literary luminaries.
During a brief break after her poetry reading
last Sunday night @ Mitzi's Sister bar on Queen St West
in our fair city, I had the opportunity to interview
this interesting and determined woman for mmm mag.
Here is how she describes her meteoric rise to
fame in the glittery partylights of downtown Toronto.
She admits to being naive when she arrived but
quickly developed a tough skin and a canny sense
of who-was-who and what-was-up pretty fast!
Deanna mentioned that as a neophyte model
for a few photographers in town,
she got the sexual come ons and expected pressure
about money owed and the daily run-arounds that
is the curse of many attractive fame seekers in the
entertainment old but recurring story.
She admitted to me that a sizeable minority of
photographers plainly offered her
licentious quid pro quo regarding a photo shoot with them
but thankfully she said that most of the Toronto
photographers she worked with were fair and professional
in their dealings with her.
Curious, I asked Miss Prall how it came about
that the Toronto Sun Newspaper discovered her?
She shrugged nonchalantly, said it was no big deal but that the way it went down was,
a reporter had seen one of her tagged photos on
a friend's Facebook page and consequently asked
her to drop by the Sun to audition, so to speak.
Continuing with her story she said that when
she arrived at the location specifed
there were already approximately 8 to 10 other ladies present and that eventually
she and 2 other girls were chosen.
Her Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl Launch Night
was held last December at
the prestigious 'C Lounge' nightclub
in the entertainment district of Toronto and
I was fortunate to be in attendance that evening,
took photos and enjoyed watching Deanna sign autographs etc.
Look for Deanna Prall as Sunshine Girl
in this March 2008 issue of the Toronto Sun!
Has all this limelight gone to her head, you ask?
"It's nice but not a big deal getting this
(the Toronto Sun pic),"she said.
"I've been in constant demand as far as modelling goes this last year" she tells me and is thankful for the jobs.
Considering the hectic pace set by her
poetry readings, modelling and socializing,
Miss Prall is refreshingly straightforward
about this new world she's parachuted into.
During our talk she did not come off as
pretentitious or conceited.
She is a girly girl to be sure
but has a head on her shoulders with the smarts to go with.
Leafing through her poetry book entitled
'Reborn: Dead Inside'
one notices that despite her streetwise, savvy exterior,
Deanna has a softer, psychically-exploratory,
cerebral side to her personality that
fascinates by it's co-existence
inside such a quixotic yet practical nature.
For more info/pix of Deanna Prall
visit her website at "
-Nik Beat, for MMM Magazine

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