Mikissa's world

Self professed country girl.  I'm most comfortable at our family farm tucked in the mountains of Tennessee

I enjoy most all music.  (A few random links can be found on my homepage.  I hope you enjoy.) 

I'm bad with plants, good with animals, utterly awful at singing and enjoy  reading on "dreary rainy days."

Happily married with no children (unless you count my lil female Griff, and my parrot.)

Addicted to Coffee Chocolate and Cheetos (for all you alliteration fans out there)  :P  

I'm an open book..so If you wanna know something,  just ask.  (unless you're a stalker!  No stalkers please!) 

In conclusion,  you probably don't want me to write a poem about you. 
Historically speaking, it suggests that you're probably dead.  (Just a twisted observation)
but, I promise to speak well of you if I do.  That most likely means that you meant the world to me.    


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