Kaleidoscope of the Heart

It's been two years since I got stuck with writing. There are so many things happening and being ignored every day. If I don't make an effort to meditate and to write down as much as I can, I will never be able to bring to my attention. Most of my writings are collection of personal thoughts and experiences, which make my writings unique, just like any other writers'. Honestly, that's the only reason I write. Neither brilliant writing skill to impress nor social and academic knowledges I do not have. I don't have.

I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior because he accepts me as I am. That doesn't necessarily mean that I can do whatever I want. But I am not perfect and I never will be. I enjoy being not perfect because that's when and where God comes side by side, willing to show his grace and favor. Being a believer gives me a childlike hope that one day, I will be fine even though I have to walk though desert and high mountains. I have peace and joy meanwhile choosing the way of being content in the name of Jesus Christ. Eastern philosophy is great; teachings and wisdom from men, very wise men. It helped me to discipline, but I think I suffered a lot as I grew up. Constantly being hammered...

With God, there shouldn't be limitation. Why do we have to live like dead when we are still alive? If you know you are good at something or you think you have a splendid idea, now is the chance. Go for it and don't waste your chance that you might be able to get out of 99%. If you are not sure yet...you might want to join protest meeting or to try out something else. But remember, time is running out!

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