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~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

~SILENT CRY~ Everyone knows when the clouds are crying. Only a few know when the eyes are crying. No one knows when the heart is crying alone, in the silence of sadness and sorrow of heart. Saturate ... More

poetic2050Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

Dine At Winter's Table
If I were selling sonnets in a book bound of leather Or blooms of cinnamon smells, in autumn´s weather Would you stop to share your thoughts, with a word or two? If I were carving pumpkins on the b ... More

mckinleycooperDiscover McKinley Cooper at PP!
Visit her site, Not-so-Vincent, & get to know her. Her Southern roots make her neo-Gothic work unique.

Even After I Have Flown
I would build fortresses of love To stand in hearts til the end So in living and in dying They will shelter and defend May I show enough compassion To strangers and those I've known That everl ... More

johnnyduncani can by johnnyduncan
https://www.amazon.com/author/johnnyduncan J, Duncan is the Father of Afr-i-can Amer-i-can!

black friday & other dark days
black friday & other dark days Society’s perception of Black is a thing of despair. Being Black has not been a Black Tie affair Not a popular topic about which to tweet, Disast ... More

kuopenyungPoetry by kuopenyung
Feedback and critique requested.

Tree and Flower
Tree and Flower     I am just a renter. It is a public house.   Because I am a tree lover, I love also flowers; so I planted plenty of th ... More

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