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countrypoetPoetry by countrypoet
Poetry inspired by faith, delivered by love, and anointed by the Holy Spirit

Menagerie of Memories A menagerie of memories Always splash upon my mind. Instantly I'm taken back To another place in time. Daffodils are dancing In a wildly fra ... More

poetic2050Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

HERE IN CORN ROW But wait, Ravens won´t tap, tap, tap, here in Corn Row So I will stay here drifting in closets of silken thought An embryo of time, where the air is sterile from eons ago And n ... More

pupweePoetry by pupwee
Feedback and critique requested.

The Droughtlets and Waterlings
It was the season when the rains came As they are prone to do 'most every year There was no one deserving of the blame When the showers began to disappear. ^^^^^^^^_____________________ ... More

johnnyduncani can by johnnyduncan
https://www.amazon.com/author/johnnyduncan J, Duncan is the Father of Afr-i-can Amer-i-can!

"J"1 Game   You mediocre players can stick with your “A”2 Game. But, winners move up the alphabet to the “J” game. It's b ... More

mckinleycooperDiscover McKinley Cooper at PP!
Visit her site, Not-so-Vincent, & get to know her. Her Southern roots make her neo-Gothic work unique.

And Time Shall Be No More
  When every flowered holiday-  The roses and the tree-   Have traveled past my memory   Or even my belief  Still, I'll know your p ... More

missdeePoetry by missdee
Feedback and critique requested.

To Young
~TO YOUNG~   To Young and to afraid what others would think. so much wasted time and so much heartache . for all the lost time. to much hiding and so much pretending. Now the ... More

 Poetry by Ya-el
Feedback and critique requested.

Winter eyes vacant
Winter eyes vacant since that day in September When living seems difficult, Despite the desire to breathe We continue to search through mountains And then back through the tunnel of raindrops W ... More

author3578Poetry by author3578
Welcome to Janet's Planet critique requested.

By The Sea
I longed to live by the sea The sea so calm and free In many rooms I spill my sorrow and gloom There are many rooms in my home I escape into each yet, I feel all alone So much pain I hold inside of ... More

indigo2Poetry by indigo2
Feedback and Follow me on Instagram and Facebook critique requested.

It's Copastetic
Lazy in your mind drips  Heavy in your spine slips Petty they incline this fanatically  Creations of divine shifts Get ready make your mind split Blown! This complicated sound ... More

abulateefbabatundePoetry by abulateefbabatunde
Your New Favorite Site Feedback and critique requested

Full Moon Over Makkah
     From Jeddah I did ride, With my companion by my side,   The moon was shining bright , As we journeyed into the night,   Our eyes ... More

kuopenyungPoetry by kuopenyung
Feedback and critique requested.

Wandering Folks (II)
       Wandering Folks              ... More

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