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johnoePoetry by johnoe
Feedback and critique requested.

Put in the box
Put In the Box   I will put in the box A fiery snowman,  That never melts.   I will put in the box   A wish that cannot ... More

countrypoetPoetry by countrypoet
Poetry inspired by faith, delivered by love, and anointed by the Holy Spirit

by HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY RADONA Memories fade as years go by Yet some remain so clear Like peeking into folds of pink To see a face appear   My introduction ... More

poetic2050Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

Thoughts From My Mind
Out on the back forty where clouds hug the ground The z ... More

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

~LOVE, FAITH AND TRUST~ Love faith and trust are the words so closely related in meaning and in our lives It is hard to imagine Love without faith and trust. You might have faith in some one but ... More

indianpoetnikhilparekhPoetry By Nikhil Parekh
Poems on God , Peace , Love , Anti Terrorism , Friendship,Life,Death,Environment,Mother,Father.

IT CAME AFTER 6 days of grueling work,  6 days of assiduous effort under the scorching ball of  sun,  6 days of unrelenting tasks executed at electric pace,&a ... More

pupweePoetry by pupwee
Feedback and critique requested.

The Year
The Year ~~~~~~~~~~ January slipped and slid on snowy ice February gave us such a frigid stare March was offering April warm advice April, so serene, was only standing there. ~~~~~~~~~~ May ... More

johnnyduncani can by johnnyduncan
https://www.amazon.com/author/johnnyduncan J, Duncan is the Father of Afr-i-can Amer-i-can!

Momma was a Rolling Stone
Momma was a Rolling Stone   It was the 25th of December, A day we’ll always remember. That was the day that Momma died, A Christmas the whole family cried. I knew her ... More

kuopenyungPoetry by kuopenyung
Feedback and critique requested.

Jet Lag
      Jet Lag Get up, get up! Our son is waiting for us.   Bleary and sleepy, anyway I got up quickly. & ... More

author3578Poetry by author3578
Welcome to Janet's Planet critique requested.

Leaves pretty on trees Sway softly in the breeze Millions and billions hanging Waiting for their time to fall A brilliancy of colors As they fall Becoming crumpled Trampled on- Some blow away While o ... More

mckinleycooperDiscover McKinley Cooper at PP!
Visit her site, Not-so-Vincent, & get to know her. Her Southern roots make her neo-Gothic work unique.

Thunder Walks the Dark Hills
A flare of lightning Pulls me from dreams The electric prelude Wakes ghosts in the trees Thunder walks the dark hills With rain in the night The sky is distraught It grieves; it cries The stars ta ... More

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